March 9, 2010

Save Money on Dental Care

It is March once again.
And this could only mean one thing for my family...

Dental Check-Up Month!

Every March and September, we visit our Family Dentist for our bi-annual dental check-ups.
We usually go there on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

This may sound over-the-limit or very strict to others, but for us, having our regular check-ups saves us money.


Well, first off, let me say that my husband is blessed to work in a company which gives the employee & his family, full medical & dental health cards. So, really, we don't pay for anything.

But even if we didn't have those health cards, we would still follow our bi-annual trips to the dentist's clinic.


Having your teeth checked regularly can eliminate possible-major-dental problems in the future.

1. They can prevent Gum Diseases.

2. Your dentist can check if you have bad breath - that can be the cause of a much serious problem.

3. Having your teeth cleaned regularly can save you from getting a Root Canal procedure.

4. There is such a thing as Oral Cancer, and regular visits to the dentist can help in detecting and avoiding this disease.

5. The dentist can recommend a better diet for your oral health care.

6. Your dentist can recommend a better toothbrush.

So you see, taking care of your oral health can save you a lot of money (and pain!) in the future.

Don't scrimp on this aspect and you'll see that you can save money in the end.

March 3, 2010

Save Money by Recycling Your KFC Buckets

More often than not, when we are running out of time to prepare for a meal to go (i.e. picnics, roadtrips, etc.) we go to KFC to order their Bucket Meal. It is actually cost-effective when you compare it to other food to-go.


As I've mentioned before, I hate throwing out plastic. As such, we end up with quite a lot of these plastic buckets.

So, I've come up with a list on what to do with those buckets:

1. As a laundry detergent holder. You can place your detergent sachets in the bucket so that they won't get wet.

2. For marinating. If you're like me who can't seem to find a plastic container that can fit a whole chicken for marinating, then you can try what I've discovered. I use the plastic bucket for marinating a whole chicken. You can also use it for other meat, like pork chops or even fish.

3. As a project holder. Let's say you're into arts and crafts, you've probably thought about buying a lot of baskets or containers to put your stuff in. You can just use a plastic bucket! If you're into crocheting or knitting or even cross-stitching, the bucket can hold your yarns, thread and what-have-you's.

4. Temporary kitchen trash can. When cooking, I don't like throwing the peelings or the wrappers very often, since I would get my hands dirty. So what I do is I place a plastic bucket nearby to put in all of the things I need to throw. After cooking, I just empty the bucket in the proper trash can. Saves me from washing my hands very often.

5. Small toys holder. If you have boys like me, you probably know how they love matchbox cars. I don't like placing those cars in the toy box since it will be hard to look for them later. So I use a plastic bucket to put in all of my boys' small cars, then I place the bucket inside the toy box. It's easier to store them this way.

6. Potato, onion and garlic bin. I store potatoes, onions, & heads of garlic in a plastic bucket (separately). I haven't thought of buying a plastic or basket container for this purpose.

7. Basin for cleaning bottles. When my boys were still babies, I used plastic buckets to wash their bottles in. It's big enough for that purpose.

8. Jewelry box. I have used 3 plastic buckets to store my chunky bracelets and other chunky accessories.

9. Car trash can. All you need to do is line it with a plastic bag and it's good to go.

10. Bath-time helper. My boys love taking baths and along with it comes the plastic bucket holding all of their bath toys. All you need to do is turn the bucket upside down (with the lid and with the toys inside) after the bath so that they can dry up fast.

11. Clothespin holder. When hanging clothes outside to dry, I am accompanied by a plastic bucket holding all of my clothespin.

12. Pots for plants. The plastic buckets work as fine as the clay pots.

13. First-aid kit & medicine holder. All you need to do is to clean the plastic bucket thoroughly.

14. Tissue/Napkin holder. As tip # 13, you just have to make sure that the plastic bucket is really clean for this use.

15. Computer cables / earphones / computer gadgets holder. We use a plastic bucket to organize all of our computer related things.

Now, you may notice that I have come up with a lot with recycling these plastic buckets, and I guess you're wondering how did I acquire a lot of it. Well, some of it came from our own to-go purchases, a lot of it came from my parents & in-law's. They also love ordering the bucket meal and they save the plastic buckets, for their use and some to give to me.

These buckets don't necessarily come in the usual KFC logos, some of them have cartoon or movie designs. Last year we had some extra paint so some of the buckets were painted baby blue.

Total money saved for these projects: Php 1500 in 6 months and counting!

There are just too many things to do with an empty KFC bucket!

February 26, 2010

Save Money While Cooking Rice

As Filipinos, our diet has too much rice.
We eat it almost 3 times a day, even more for some.

So how can cooking rice help us save money?

By not throwing away the water we wash the rice with!

Usually, rice is washed at least 3 times before cooking it. After each wash, I place the water in a pail and use it for something else for later.

Here are some ideas on where to use rice water:

1. For watering the plants.

2. For your dog's drinking water. It's clean enough, don't worry...

3. For cleaning gardening tools.

4. As a facial toner. Yup, you read it right, I was able to watch this tip in a japanese-english channel last year. They said that Sake handlers have very smooth skin hence the conclusion that rice water is good for the skin. Just wash your face with your normal facial wash, then rinse your face with the rice water. You have to be patient with this one since results don't show immediately. But as per my personal experience, it does help in giving you smooth skin.

Money saved for this tip: at least Php 100 a month on your water bill, and another Php 100 a month on your beauty bill!

That translates to Php 2400 in a year, not bad for rice water huh.
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